Commissioner of Political Practices

To monitor and to enforce, in a fair and impartial manner, campaign practices and campaign finance disclosure, lobbying disclosure, business interest disclosure of statewide and state district candidates, elected state officials, and state department directors, ethical standards of conduct for legislators, public officers, and state employees, and to conduct the appropriate investigative or statutory procedure available for legitimate complaints that arise concerning any of the foregoing.


Agency Goals and Objectives

State Strategic Plan Goal Reference: Goal 1 - Increase Transparency


  • Maintain and update as required the COPP CERS online reporting system for political candidates and committee
    State Strategic Plan Objective Reference: Goal 1, Objective 1
  • Maintain and update as required the COPP PLORS online reporting system for principals and lobbyists who lobby in the State of Montana
    State Strategic Plan Objective Reference: Goal 1, Objective 2
  • Provide technical recommendations and budget requests for upgrades to CERS and PLORS applications and Agency IT needs as necessary
    State Strategic Plan Objective Reference:

Information Technology Resources and Capabilities

Number of FTE: 0


Project / Program Purpose and Objectives
State Strategic Plan Goal/Objective Reference
Estimated Start Estimated Delivery
Estimated Cost Comment
HB 10 Request Funding Sources : - Comment:
Annual Costs Upon Completion Comment
Status of the project as of March 31, even numbered years. Indicate % completed and status of funds expended.

Summary of Hardware

I have reviewed all of my agency's systems in Assurance CM and certify that it is accurate: No

Total Number of Appliances
Total Number of Physical Servers
Total Number of Virtualized Servers
Total Usable Storage Space GB
Device Type Quantity Estimated Replacement Value Comments
VDI 7 3000.00
Laptop 5 2500.00
Copier/printer/scanner 2 9000.00

Agency Contact Information

Agency Director / Administrator
Jeff Mangan
1209 8th Ave, Helena, MT 59604
IT Contact (CIO / IT Manager)

Information Security Manager
Kym Trujillo
1209 8th Ave